The best sport for girls

When talking about the best sports for girls, it is interesting to know that most women are involved in athletics, fitness and aerobics. Although the main goal of most is to maintain their physical fitness, some girls also play sports because it helps them meet new people, try new things and acquire some skills.

In this article we will look at the TOP 5 best sports for girls and some undeniable truths why women should still play sports and its benefits.

Table tennis

Table tennis is a great sport and a great way for girls to socialize and make friends. You can play it just for fun or prepare for competitions. When talking about tennis, one cannot fail to mention the Williams sisters. V. Azarenka, S. Wozniaki and other famous tennis players. These great tennis players have made tennis very popular among girls, and it seems that many girls are interested in this sport.

Table tennis helps improve reaction speed, flexibility and mental agility.


Many girls are currently involved in gymnastics. At the Olympics you can see young girls doing wonders with their bodies. Gymnastics is a sport that requires a high level of skill, dedication and determination. It is recommended to start practicing early enough until it becomes part of you.


This sport helps improve upper body coordination and improves performance. In addition, basketball has many benefits, including financial ones, and this helps make the sport more attractive to girls. All you have to do is grab your shoes, hoop, ball and your team and then you’ll be ready.

Also, if you want to succeed in basketball, you need to think of possible tactics and ways to support your teammates during a basketball game.


This is a very entertaining game, usually played by two teams, usually six players on each side. Each player must use their hands to hit the ball forward through the high net to force it to touch the court in the area of ​​the opponents playing in that area before it is hit. In fact, it is one of the best sports of our time in the whole world. Volleyball is a very useful and enjoyable activity for young girls as it helps relieve tension and unnecessary pressure. It does require high skill, just like some of the above mentioned games. At the same time, this game is very simple and exciting.


Swimming can be practiced individually or as a team sport. Swimming requires using your entire body to move through the water. This sport can be practiced in swimming pools or in open water such as the sea or lake. Of course, swimming is one of the most popular Olympic sports, with varying distances. Examples of some swimming events include butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle, etc.

Young girls who participate in this sport receive many benefits that help them overcome normal everyday obstacles.

Important reasons why girls should play sports

Are you looking for reasons why your little girl should be encouraged to play sports?

Below are some useful reasons why girls should play sports.

  1. This is a vacation.
  2. Promotes the development of self-confidence.
  3. Girls who play sports tend to have flexible bodies.
  4. Sport helps reduce tension and unnecessary pressure.
  5. Sport helps girls build positive relationships with peers.
  6. Sport makes it easier to build social connections.
  7. Sport helps relieve painful menstruation.